One certainly needs to have a huge working experience and to be an established person in the company in order to become a CEO. And being a CEO it’s not easy – although it’s a desirable and promising role it comes with a good deal of other responsibilities – taking care of the projects, answering questions every day and dealing with the media.
Before one person gets to elected as a CEO he or she must know the company, its values, the employees, the goals of the company, the previous statistics of the company and of course the company’s culture. Every single one of this points is important for the company and that is why the CEO should bear in mind all of these.

The goals something that could not be neglected by any CEO – so in the first place are the company’s goals. This is natural and every CEO shows respect and bears in mind the company’s goals. Usually, these are never neglected. But, on the other hand, many CEOs forget about the company’s culture or if they come from another company they don’t show any interest to learn it.
Respecting the company’s culture or getting to know it means hiring the right people and creating a stable and diverse workplace where the employees can show or express their mind and be respected for it. However, it often happens that the CEOs forget this little thing – the link between the culture and the company.

In order to achieve the goals faster, one CEO must have the right people and create a good working environment for them. The culture of the company plays a great role here – a role that should not be neglected if the goals are to be achieved.The CEO shouldn’t also forget that the hiring process shouldn’t be based on the numbers, but on the right person for the job.
As soon as the CEO understands the importance of the culture, he or she will start using the right methods and the right people will be hired for the sake of the company.

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