Renowned meat lover Gordon Ramsay shocked the world this week when he announced he would be giving “this vegan thing a try” – and now animal charity PETA has responded.

Coinciding with the opening of his new London pizza restaurant, the three-Michelin-star chef, who is notorious for his vegan and vegetarian-hating ways, backtracked on his former views and tweeted: “Going to give this #vegan thing a try… Yes guys you heard that right. Gx.”

Alongside the surprising news, Ramsay posted a photo of what appeared to be a vegan pizza offered at his new restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza.

However, one group that was not surprised by the 51-year-old chef’s announcement was animal welfare organisation Peta.

Of Ramsay’s lifestyle change, Peta president Ingrid Newkirk told The Independent: “PETA knew that Hell would not have to freeze over before Gordon Ramsay gave the best food in the world a try: vegan food.

“We’re hoping it seduces him as it has so many other chefs and mortals of all types, who become much healthier in heart, body, and mind as a result.”

Ramsay has previously faced backlash for his anti-vegan comments on social media from vegans and animal advocacy groups alike.

His most recent controversy involved a vegan lasagne, which the chef had responded to with: “I’m a member of PETA ! People eating tasty animals.”

While most commenters were supportive of the top chef’s decision to switch to a vegan lifestyle, which has been liked over 30,000 likes, others questioned whether Ramsay’s Twitter account had been hacked.

“If you’re being held hostage by a vegan give us a signal,” wrote one concerned fan.

But, according to Peta’s tweet, they “knew this day would come.”

“Keep on adding #vegan options to your restaurant menus,” they advised the chef on Twitter.