My sister got arranged married and they moved out together. Her husband was good to her and they were happy. After a few years, her husband went to a long business trip. When he returned home, he somehow became very introvert and didn’t talk much. My sister thought he was tired but then after some time, she saw he started to skip him meals and was suffering from sleep deprivation. She insisted him to go see a doctor but he refused saying he was doing fine.

My sister was worried and when she realized things were changing little by little, she started to keep a record of his actions. She found out he suddenly made new friends who were unfamiliar, he was spending more money then he used to, his eyes looked very tired. He stayed out late at night and when he returned, he gave off bad smells and was unstable. She realized her husband started drinking. She was shocked and tried to talk to him but it didn’t end up well. She tried to bear with it but things got even worse afterword. My sister came to her parents home to spend few days and when she went back, what she saw was heartbroken. She saw her husband brought another girl and was so drunk that he didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was cheating on her and also he was addicted. The things were so bad that it wasn’t possible to fix it. There was no way to fix it. My sister left him immediately and stayed strong. After informing both families about the situation, they decided to got divorced. The whole situation was like a movie scene, but it was a harsh reality. My sister faced that reality.

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